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Diamante/Wave USB realtime cable
Used for connecting a Diamante or Wave writer to a computer via a USB port for realtime applications. 
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USB realtime cables
Used for connecting USB-compatible writing machines to a computer via a USB port for realtime applications. 
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Serial realtime cables 
Used for connecting a writing machine to a computer via a serial port for realtime applications. (To connect attorney computers for realtime output, see CaseView cables under Computer accessories.)

Click the writer model to select the appropriate serial realtime cable.
élan Mira
Stentura Fusion
Stentura Protégé 
élan Cybra Professional
élan Cybra Student

Stentura 6000 / 8000 / 6000LX / 8000LX / 500 / 400SRT / 200SRT and Legacy e'lan Cybra realtime cable kits are no longer available.

(Note: A Legacy élan Cybra has a serial number less than E005880)

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